Client Stories

Saving Babies, Changing Lives

We are proud to offer lifesaving services to women and babies. Our client stories are a testament to the power of pro-life work. In our Mocha Mamas video, we have featured women from one of our group classes. Some of them came to us facing very rough situations, and we have been able to support them through their difficulties. Please watch and read to learn more about our impact:

My wife and I moved into our current house in July of 2017. A Hope Center is close to our residence, so we passed by it constantly. We were always curious about the services A Hope Center offered, but we never really had a need to pursue their services.

Fast forward a few years, and my wife and I were ready to start a family. A Hope Center confirmed my wife’s pregnancy with our first daughter, and we took classes until COVID hit. Recently we have welcomed our second daughter, and it has been a blessing to be able to continue taking classes that pertain to both stages of our daughters’ lives, from newborn to toddler. My wife and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. A Hope Center provided information regarding breastfeeding, safe sleeping habits, car seat safety, and an overall ‘what to expect,’ which relieved a lot of anxiety, stress, and fears.

We were overjoyed and overwhelmed with feeling blessed when we found out we were expecting. The amount of support and encouragement my wife and I received at A Hope Center was off the charts regarding what we were expecting. The staff always went above and beyond expectations regarding services delivered and meeting our emotional and spiritual needs.

One of the many things we love about A Hope Center is they are a faith-based organization that loves Christ and people in that order (as it should be!) During our time with this very special organization, we have been covered in prayer and spiritual truths.

My wife and I tell everyone about A Hope Center. We have absolutely zero regrets about pursuing this wonderful organization back in 2019, and we have no plans on stopping taking classes from this wonderful organization until our youngest ages out of eligibility!

Our family has been blessed beyond measure from A Hope Center, and our prayer is that this organization will continue to instill hope and light in this world.

A client came for a test and was distraught at the possibility of being pregnant. She said she could barely care for herself and wondered how she could care for a baby.

The client stated that she and the father of the baby were not together but hoped that they would work things out. She was afraid to tell her father that she might be pregnant. Her mother is a single mom, and she has a younger sibling. It was unlikely that her mom would be able to help her out because she could barely make ends meet as it was. She also expressed concern about the possibility of being a bad mother. The client mentioned that she was not a Christian but had always been curious about Christianity. She had never owned her own Bible before coming to A Hope Center.

The client cried as she received positive pregnancy test results because she stated that she couldn’t have the baby. She was worried the baby would have problems due to the substances she was abusing. The client was able to return the same day for an ultrasound to obtain viability. When she saw that there was a heartbeat, she decided to go ahead and sign up for the EWYL (Earn While You Learn) program and accepted a referral to Healthier Moms and Babies, though she was still not sure if she was going to carry the pregnancy.

The client allowed the writer to pray for her and present the gospel. She left with prenatal vitamins, education on pregnancy and healthy living going forward, WIC contact information to help with healthy food purchases, an appointment to Brightpoint to obtain presumptive eligibility for Medicaid, OB/GYN referrals, her first Bible, and at her request, a list of churches in her area. The client returned the following week for her STI/STD results and education. She was positive for infection and was given a voucher to obtain free treatment at the ACBH.  The client had not had any symptoms of infection and was shocked by the results as well as concerned about the health of the baby.

After leaving the previous week she received supportive feedback from the father of the baby and her close family regarding the pregnancy and had made a decision to carry. The staff member explained that God is in control of her situation and that when a conception occurs, God has a plan for that baby and whatever that plan is, it is His perfect plan. The client allowed this staff member to pray for her and the health of the baby.  She followed up with the client and the client confirmed she and the father of the baby received treatment at the ACBH. The staff member continued to follow up with the client, giving encouragement and she increasingly grew more excited about her pregnancy. She sent us a picture of her healthy boy weighing 9 pounds.