Church Involvement

Are you interested in having your church partner with us and support A Hope Center’s mission? There are numerous ways to support the work we do to help women, and your help is vital to ensuring that women have the resources they need to choose life and feel the love of Christ. Below are just some of the ways your church can help:

  • Prayer: Putting A Hope Center on your prayer calendars helps to give us the spiritual support we need to run our center and provide compassionate, Christ-centered care. Your prayers matter!
  • Financial support: Donating and including A Hope Center in your missions programs help strengthen our services for women.
  • Volunteer: All hands on deck! Any help is appreciated. Visit our volunteer page here.
  • Serve: We always have projects for volunteers to work on, and they keep our center’s mission alive!
  • Promotion of events: Certain events in churches, such as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, provide an excellent opportunity for parishioners to learn more about pro-life work and the importance of upholding the inherent dignity of human beings.
  • Participate in fundraising events: We hold numerous events throughout the year for churches to participate in, including the Strides of Hope Walkathon and our Annual Banquet. Come meet like-minded people and learn more about the pro-life mission!
  • Congregation engagement: Encourage parishioners to participate in a Boutique Sponsorship Party or Baby Bottle Campaign. These efforts allow essential material resources to be provided to women and babies in need.

How to Contact Us

If there is something that isn’t on this list but can be provided by your church community, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to have you join us in our efforts to reach more women! Please email Michelle Schoenefeld at or call us at 260-422-3544.